Hooking up Laptop to HD TV with HDMI Cable?

An individual wanting to hook up his laptop to a television would need some sort of hardware device. Individuals can definitely do this without anyone's help, but they would definitely need hardware devices to do so. If the HD TV does not show the image even after making the connection through an HDMI cable, there is a solution. Go to the Start button of the laptop and open the Control Panel. The name of an HD TV should be in the box to be selected. Thereafter, instructions must be followed and the user needs to check whether the HDMI cable has been connected properly in the hooking up process or not.


I am trying to hook up my HP laptop to my Sony Bravia TV. I have an HDMI output for the laptop and an HDMI cable. I have tried simply plugging the cable into the TV and the laptop but when I do that the TV does not show the picture from the laptop: a black screen comes up that says "Unsupported signal. Please check device output." Can I hook this up with just an HDMI cable or am I doing something wrong?


The answer is to open the NVIDIA control panel (Graphics) by right clicking on the desk top.

  • Go to "set up multiple displays"
  • If you are lucky the name of your TV should be in a box waiting to be selected
  • Select and follow instructions
  • RESULT! Perfect sound and vision from laptop on the TV screen


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