NetQin Mobile Antivirus

With the advances in Mobile Internet, mobile devices have also become increasingly susceptible to internet security issues such as virus attacks. The majority of the known viruses do not affect the normal functioning of a mobile. They merely occupy more memory on the device and make the device slower. For some of these viruses however, mobile antivirus software is very important. NetQin is one of the most commonly used freely downloadable mobile antivirus softwares which is compatible across a variety of mobile OS. NetQin also provides very good all-round protection from most of the known mobile viruses.

  • This is one of the few antivirus available for free and allowing a real-time scan for mobile phones.
  • This antivirus is currently running on Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android platforms.
  • The company providing this antivirus software has been around since October 2005 and is considered one of the leading companies worldwide when it comes to security services for mobiles - it holds 68% of the Chinese market for mobile security.
  • Most mobile phone users think they are protected. Although this is largely true, some viruses for mobile phones have been identified and antivirus protection is therefore needed.

For more information about Mobile antivirus software, check this FAQ: Antivirus for mobile phones
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