Windows Movie Maker and the MOD, MOV and VOB files


Windows Movie Maker does not recognize MOD, MOV, and VOB files.

Some info about these files

MOD, MOV and VOB are container files.
  • The MOD file (proprietary format) contains Mpeg2.
  • The MOV file (QuictTime) may contain different video formats including DV-AVI, Mpeg2, Mpeg4, Divx..etv
  • The VOB file (DVD) contains Mpeg2.


  • Check the video format (and codec) of the contents of the container format with ] MediaInfo].
  • A container file doesn't undergo conversion, the content undergoes encoding or transcoding.
  • To be recognized by Movie Maker, if the video format is MPEG2, (in most cases) no conversion is necessary just change the extension to .mpg.
  • Example:

mov0001.MOD => mov0001.mpg 
xxxxx.MOV => xxxxx.mpg 
VTS_01_1.VOB => VTS_01_1.mpg 
  • If the video format is not supported by Movie Maker, you must then perform a conversion (transcoding)
  • Super is a conversion tool that can be used. Set parameters:

For the video:
  • Outpout Container : AVI ou MPG
  • Outpout vidéo codec : Mpeg2
  • Vidéo Scale Size : No change (the resolution must be set 720x576 in PAL)
  • Aspect : 4:3
  • Frame /sec : 25 (PAL) ou 30 (NTSC)
  • Bitrate kbps: 8160

For audio:
  • Sampling freq : 44100
  • Channels : 2
  • Bitrate kbps : 256

Proceed with the encoding and once it is completed, import the resulting file into Movie Maker.

Note that: For MOV file containing Mpeg4, don't convert it to Mpeg2. This would result in a loss oftheimage quality.


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