Windows Movie Maker and the MOD, MOV and VOB files

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Windows Movie Maker does not recognize MOD, MOV, and VOB files.

Some info about these files

MOD, MOV and VOB are container files.
  • The MOD file (proprietary format) contains Mpeg2.
  • The MOV file (QuictTime) may contain different video formats including DV-AVI, Mpeg2, Mpeg4, Divx..etv
  • The VOB file (DVD) contains Mpeg2.


  • Check the video format (and codec) of the contents of the container format with ] MediaInfo].
  • A container file doesn't undergo conversion, the content undergoes encoding or transcoding.
  • To be recognized by Movie Maker, if the video format is MPEG2, (in most cases) no conversion is necessary just change the extension to .mpg.
  • Example:

mov0001.MOD => mov0001.mpg 
xxxxx.MOV => xxxxx.mpg 
VTS_01_1.VOB => VTS_01_1.mpg 
  • If the video format is not supported by Movie Maker, you must then perform a conversion (transcoding)
  • Super is a conversion tool that can be used. Set parameters:

For the video:
  • Outpout Container : AVI ou MPG
  • Outpout vidéo codec : Mpeg2
  • Vidéo Scale Size : No change (the resolution must be set 720x576 in PAL)
  • Aspect : 4:3
  • Frame /sec : 25 (PAL) ou 30 (NTSC)
  • Bitrate kbps: 8160

For audio:
  • Sampling freq : 44100
  • Channels : 2
  • Bitrate kbps : 256

Proceed with the encoding and once it is completed, import the resulting file into Movie Maker.

Note that: For MOV file containing Mpeg4, don't convert it to Mpeg2. This would result in a loss oftheimage quality.


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