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Samsung-Wave - PC Connection issue

The Samsung Wave can be connected to a PC via USB. If there is a problem when connecting the Samsung Wave to a PC, the mobile should be switched off before the USB is plugged in. There could be Samsung Wave and PC connection issues, if the phone is being used or is switched on when connecting the USB. After the USB has been plugged in the mobile phone can be switched on. Samsung Kies must be opened only after plugging in the USB and turning the mobile phone on. To avoid Samsung Wave and PC connection issues, the phone should not be used as long as the Samsung Wave mobile phone is connected to the PC.


I am having trouble connecting my Samsung Wave to my computer. Samsung Kies tries to establish a connection but it repeatedly fails.


Turn off your mobile and plug your USB cable into it. Turn on your mobile and you will see that the connection is made with the computer. Then open Kies, and the mobile icon will appear in the top right of the program interface. You are now properly connected and can use Samsung Kies as normal.

Note: It's better to avoid using your phone while it is connected to the computer, as you may experience the same issues as before.

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