Burn a DivX (AVI) on a DVD

AVI (Audio/Video Interleave) files are common multimedia file formats developed by Microsoft. AVI files consist of both audio and video data which is played at the same time to create an oral and visual multimedia experience. DivX is a form of compression designed to compress large AVI files into smaller video files. A DVD (Digital Video Disc) is an optical storage media which can hold six times more data compared to standard CDs (Compact Disc). A software program will convert the AVI files encoded with DivX to the format that is burned onto the DVD. In order to burn DivX on to the DVD, select DVD data available in the burning software and drop the required files to be burned onto the DVD.

Burning multiple DivX on a recordable DVD

If you want to save several DivX on a DVDs (recordable or rewritable), select "DVD data" in the burning software and drop the files to be burned

The DVD data option in the burning software enables you to burn several DivX on a recordable DVD (or rewritable) by dropping files to be burned.

Reading Divx on a platinum DVD

If you wish to play a DivX on a platinum DVD which however is not compatible with this format, it is recommended that you convert DivX to MPEG2 format using to DivX converter.

  • Download DivxtoDVD 0.5.2.
  • After converting to DVD video, open your DVD burner and burn the file "video ts" with the corresponding software.
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