Browsers based on Chromium

In the world of open source web browsing, Chromium is a very well known name. The source code of Google's flagship web browser Chromeis also based upon Chromium. There are other web browsers also available which are based on the same platform. These are Chrome Plus and Iron Sware. These web browsers have an inherent problem with automatic updates which make them susceptible to bugs. Chrome Plus is a little better than the other two in terms of a better online community and providing more custom settings for users who are well versed with the technical aspects.

Browsers based on Chromium

Here are some of the web browsers based on the Chromium project, with various information and links about them.

Learn more about chromium:

List of browsers based on Chromium

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Chromium has a major weakness: the automatic update does not possess one.

As for Google Chrome many people say there are some privacy issues (Google is spying on them).
  • As for Google Chrome it also shares the weakness of Chromium: although the update is automatic, the updates are not for the latest versions and they are not bug-free.
  • Regarding plug-ins, they are compatible with the different platforms (some may have some trouble to install on Iron).
  • ChromePlus has a very important online community but also, many of its features are not present in chomium/chrome!
  • Iron Sware is very basic and integrates adblock, for those searching for a simple browser, with no ties to Google's servers.


These two alternatives are available in portable versions.


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