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Server Response: Error 554 - Relay Access denied

While using the web versions of various email clients , one may encounter an error message mentioning 'Relay Access Denied' . This 'Relay Access Denied' message is generally not related to any type of internet connectivity issues. Rather,this problem could be because of settings in the email client which are not compatible with the SMTP or outgoing email server. The rationale behind these settings is generally to reduce the amount of spam messages. This problem can be overcome quickly by adjusting the settings of the email client to access the SMTP server of the organization or internet service provider.


The following error message appears when you attempt to connect:
Error 554 - Access Denied Relay


This may be due to an incorrect configuration of the outgoing server (SMTP).

In order to avoid problems with spam, SMTP servers are configured to work only for their subscribers.

You will have to configure your mail client (Outlook, Incredimail, Thunderbird, Eudora, etc.) to use the outgoing mail server for your company or your ISP.

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