How To Track Changes on Microsoft Word

April 2018

The Track Changes functionality on Microsoft Word is a tool that allows users to collaborate efficiently and seamlessly on word documents. When enabled, this functionality allows users to make changes in-line with the text, and highlights any modifications so that the original document owner can view exactly where the editions were made. Activation of Track Changes can be done from the toolbar. Open Microsoft Word and go to Tools > Track Changes. Simply click on the option to enable it:

N.B. The same process can be done to disable the functionality.

Word 2007 users can activate Track Changes by simply selecting the Review menu and clicking on the Track Changes option.

Alternatively, you can also enable Track Changes by simply using keyboard shortcut [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[E]. The Track Changes functionality also allows document owners to accept or reject proposed changes. This can be done by simple clicking the check mark or the x button on each tracked change bubble.
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