Internet Explorer 8 - Customizing the menu bar

The menu bar of Internet explorer for sure takes a lot of space, though there's a lot of handy features, there are some that may be discarded (permanently or temporarily) to optimize screen space.

The first thing you should know is that hitting the Alt Key will hide the ribbon containing the File, Edit, View, Favorite ...options.

  • Pressing the Alt button again will maximize this ribbon
  • Ok that's one down.
  • For further customization.
    • Click on Tools>Toolbar> Uncheck the options directly or click on the Customize tab for more .
    • A dual paned window will open and from there you can swith among the options you wish to have in the menu bar or disgard the obsolete ones.

  • If you want IE's menu bar back as it was before, simply click on the Reset button.
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