Compiling a program in C with Dev C++ on Vista

To compile a source code written in a language like C with Dev C++ under Windows Vista Operating System, can be a difficult process. Like many problems, there are two ways to solve this one: the quick way or the other, most recommended, one, which may be a lengthy process. The quick solution involves using g++ compiler that can be used with Dev-PSV, replacing the gcc.exe file under the Programs tab of the Tools/Compiler option with g++.exe. The recommended one is by downloading and installing CodeBlocks & Mingw. CodeBlocks which would help find the gcc compiler automatically.


Compiling a C source code under Vista with Dev C++, can be quite a difficult procedure.

First Solution

  • Quick solution: the g++ compiler

To be used with Dev-PSV:
  • Go to Tools/compiler options and then click on the Programs tab.
  • Replace gcc.exe found in the first case with g++.exe

Second solution

  • Recommended solution:

The use of g++ to compile a C code is not necessarily the most appropriate method. Here below you shall find the most suitable way:
  • Download the CodeBlocks:
  • Have Mingw download and install it.
  • Download the following file from and uncompress it in C:mingw.
  • http//
  • Install CodeBlocks
  • CodeBlocks will automatically find Gcc
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