Unable to register the DLL/OCX:REgSvr32

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Unable to register the DLL/OCX:REgSvr32


I have Windows 7 Ultimate on my laptop. I tried to install one application but in the end I getting following error:
Unable to register the DLL/OCX:REgSvr32 failed with exit code0X3


  • That Application is VMware-viclient 4.0 which I wanted to install on top of Windows7. But I fixed it like below:
    • I realized that VMware client 4.1 is support Windows7. And installed 4.1 version first. Then I tried to use but it complaining that I have to use vmware client version that installed on my system so it is 4.0. So I installed vmware client 4.0 on top of 4.1. Then I see it is working. Probably 4.1 is installed some missing dll. files.


Solved by zaur.ahmadov

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