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Windows - Having Ultimate Boot CD on a USB flash drive

Fancy having a bootable CD using the USB drive without any hardware installation in Windows? Yes, you read it right. You don't need to have the backing of hardware such as a CD/DVD drive and you can boot the system using the USB. As a prerequisite for this, a user must download a version of the Boot CD from Ultimate in Windows. The user should have a pen drive, also known as a USB flash drive. It has to be at least 512MB. Finally, the user should have a USB initiator that helps in choosing from a range of Linux distributions to be installed in a USB pen drive.

How to have Ultimate Boot CD on a USB flash drive

To create a bootable Ultimate Boot CD for use with a USB drive instead of a CD/DVD support, follow this simple guide:



  • Download and launch Universal USB Installer
  • Double click on Universal-USB-Installer-
  • No installation is required, you will directly have access to the conversion interface:

  • Select Ultimate Boot CD and click on Browse to indicate the path where the Ultimate Boot CD iso file is stored
  • Click on Create and follow the conversion instructions
  • Reboot your system and change the boot sequence
  • Set the USB as primary boot device
  • Ultimate Boot CD should boot from your USB flash disk

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