General Troubleshooting guide for PLAYSTATION 3 system

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Updating the system software

  • Visit the official PLAYSTATION 3 to download the latest firmware version and install it.
  • To check out the system software version currently installed on your PLAYSTATION 3 system:
  • In the PS3 Home Menu> Settings> [System Settings]> [System Information] >The version of the system *software is displayed.

Restart of all network devices

  • Restarting means turning off all devices (unplug electrically)for a certain period.
  • Do a restart of all network devices. This include wireless access points, routers, modems, VoIP (Voice over IP) and broadband modems. Leave them off for at least two minutes long. After two minutes you can turn on your device..

Review your environment

  • Make sure that nothing blocks the ventilation shaft of your console.
  • Make sure that the PLAYSTATION 3 system is not exposed to excessive dust, smoke, steam, extreme *temperatures, humidity or direct sunlight.
  • Further details on safety precautions and handling of the PLAYSTATION 3 system can be found in the manual (safety and support section)

Restore the default settings

  • To restore a PLAYSTATION 3 system to its original default configuration.
  • From the PS3 Home Menu Settings> [System Settings]> [Restore Default Settings]
  • Press the X button to restore the settings.
  • Follow the procedure.

Source: The Official Playstation website

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