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Windows Movie Maker is video editing software that comes by default with Windows XP. However, that's not the case with Windows Vista or 7. You can download and install on your PC: Here
  • Note that Windows Movie Maker supports the following video formats: Avi,. Mpg,. M1v,. Mp2,. Mp2v. Mpeg,. Mpe,. Mpv2. Wm. Wmv ou. Asf.

If your video is in another format you can use a conversion program such as Super

Cutting your files

  • Open Windows Movie Maker
  • Click "File> Import Media Items"
  • In the window that opens, look for your video and click on the "Import" button
  • At the bottom-left corner of the window, switch "Storyboard: for Timeline. Next, drag an drop your video to the timeline pane:

  • Setting the the initial trim point: play the video and click on "Clip" and then "Trim Beginning" to select the new starting point of your video.
  • Determining where the final trim point: then click the menu "Clip and then on "Trim End" to select the end point of your video
  • Finally, save the video. Click the Publish Movie button, and choose the location where to generate your new movie.
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