XP - Windows can not configure this wireless connection

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[XP] Windows can not configure this wireless connection


Wanting to connect to Internet via WiFi I get the error message:
Windows can not configure this wireless connection, if you have enabled another program to manage this wireless connection, use that software. If you want Windows to configure this wireless connection, start the automatic wireless configuration service. For more information, read the article 871122 in the knowledge base from the Microsoft site.

What do I do?


If you have not installed any software for the wireless network card, follow these steps:
  • Click Start> Run, enter the command ncpa.cpl and click "OK"
  • Click Wireless Network Connection.
  • Select the wireless network connection, then do clc on Change settings of this connection.
  • In the Wireless Networks tab, check the box Use Windows to configure my wireless network.

  • Go to Start> Run, enter % SystemRoot% \ system32 \ services.msc / s
  • In the window that opens, double-click Automatic Wireless Network Configuration.
  • Under "Startup Type, select Automatic, then click Apply.
  • Under "Service status" Click "Start" then click "OK"
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