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Facebook- Expired Certificate error

Social media websites like Facebook which support the SSL protocol are subjected to digital certificates, ascertaining web server identifications to internet connection requests from web browsers. Some discrepancies occur, resulting in non-verification by a third party certificate authenticating body, like if the date and time on the certificate are not correct on Facebook. The error can be resolved if you correct the operating system date and time, or a digital certificate is installed in a server in using it as a "self signed" certificate. Security certificate errors occur as they expire over time and if your computer's date does not match the current date or correct date, chances of getting this warning are high.


I'm unable to connect to Facebook. I get the following error message:
Expired Certificate.


Adjust the time and date of your computer to solve the issue. Choose the appropriate time zone and this will usually solve your problem.


Solved by Ambucias

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