PS2 Mouse Not Found, CMOS Setting Wrong

April 2018

PS2 Mouse Not Found, CMOS Setting Wrong


That is my concern, I got a PC to do again (reinstalling Windows), and I have a problem on startup:
PS2 Mouse Not Found
CMOS Setting Wrong
CMOS Date / Time Note Set
So I already removed the battery to reset the BIOS, there is nothing, and the problem is that I have that keyboard USB mouse in my possession and I have not even afford to go in BIOS because even the keyboard is not recognized. So I have another solution, or am I required to start with a keyboard mouse in PS2?


  • Some bios need to be configure so that you can access it with an USB Keyboard, though please try to use a PS/2 Keyboard!Then try to go to the bios setup and go through setting to configure it as you wish !
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