Driver for Intex PC camera IT-305WC

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Looking for a driver of an Intex web camera? If you've formatted the hardware of the machine recently and didn't make a backup of the data which had the driver of Intex PC, how can you get the web camera to work? Don't worry about the hardware - software can do the trick easily. For an Intex web camera of any model, download the driver link from the company website by selecting the model of your web camera and clicking on download. For example, for the IT-305WC model of the Intex web camera, one can follow the steps mentioned above.

Driver for Intex PC camera IT-305WC


Please send me a link for downloading a driver for intex PC camera IT-305WC, as I recently formatted my computer and I have lost the CD for my intex PC camera. Can you also tell me how to install the driver and get my Webcam working again? Thank you.


You can download the driver from the manufacture website. Click on the link below and follow the instructions:

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