ezyZip - Zip/Unzip your files online

April 2018

Here's a small tip on how to compress and decompress files (zip files) with installing any prior software (still a java applet will be installed). The procedure is done via an online resource http://www.ezyzip.com/.

Tested with Google chrome:
  • First connect to the website
  • Normally if java is not installed on your browser, you will be automatically redirected to java.com
  • Download and install chromeinstall-6u21.exe.
  • Once done go back to http://www.ezyzip.com/
  • You shall be prompted if you want to run an the online application, of course click on "Run"
  • Here's what you shall get:

  • Choose the type of operation you want to perform (Zip/Unzip)- All the instructions are given on the website.
    • That's a nice tool to compress/decompress your files on the fly!
  • Note that: for easy access you can create an Application desktop shortcut with Chrome:read this FAQ


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