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Connection error with your iPhone

One of the smartest innovations in mobile telephony in recent times is the iPhone from the Apple stable. The iPhone may, however, encounter log in issues and display connection errors. This happens after the installation of updates in order to view new applications from the Apple Store. Working around this problem is simple and for that, one has to activate the iTunes account store. Once iTunes is launched one has to access Open Sessions and validate their personal information. To solve the connection error one can retrieve the password from a specified link that will enable the installation of applications from the Apple Store.


After the installation of updates, your iPhone may refuse to login and display a login error message.


To troubleshoot this problem, activate your iTunes store account by doing the following:

Check the email address used for creating your iTunes account.
  • Launch iTunes
  • Then click on iTunes Store and select Open session
  • Follow the steps and confirm personal information displayed

Note: uou can retrieve your password through the link below:

This will enable you to install applications with the Apple Store.

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