Macro that copies format in Sheet 1 to multiple sheets [Closed]

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Saturday August 19, 2017
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August 19, 2017
Hello guys,

I need help with the creation of a Macro that is doing my head...

Let me try to resume so it is super clear for everyone :

SHEET 1 = A simple food plan with Name / client Code / Menu Type and Allergies (then food below). This sheet is a individual and set by client.

SHEET 2 = An order form with the list of clients (order form contains names / client code / Menu type and allergies). This sheet is a whole list of client.

WHAT I WANT = A Macro that would generate the following report

- The macro would open Sheet 3 - Copy the whole format from sheet 1 - paste it in sheet 3 - goes to sheet 2 and copy the data (into the form pasted in sheet 3 from sheet 1) with the following information -> SHEET 2 -> Copy C6 paste it in SHEET 3 cell D4. / SHEET 2 -> Copy F6 and paste it in SHEET cell A1 / SHEET 2 Copy B6 and paste in SHEET 3 cell D5 / SHEET 2 copy K6 and paste in SHEET 3 cell B1.

- When this is done it would rename SHEET 3 with the code present in SHEET 3 Cell B1.


- THe macro would finally repeat as many new sheet with the above process as there are clients listed in SHEET 2 (if there is 5 clients - 5 new sheets would be created, if 20 clients then 20 new sheets). Finally each new sheet would be renamed as per cell B1 in that new sheet.

Thanks a lot guys that would help A LOT.