Wifi enabled turn on but wont find networks turns off by itself

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Monday August 21, 2017
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August 21, 2017
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Hi everyone
i have tried to do everything to figure out whats wrong with the wifi it was working fine yesterday but im not sure if my son has pressed something and now it wont turn on or find any networks

i am currently connected via ethernet

have checked drivers and it says drivers are all ok
wireless is enabled but not connected obviously bcoz i caanot turn wifi on the laptop - wifi on router is fine as my phone and smart tv is connected with no issues
when i slide the wifi button to on from the computer it shows on but on the shortcut on the taskbar it shows off - it does not allow m e to turn on from that shortcut and when i click out of it the slide bar goes back to off

i have also noticed it says turn wifi back on manually - im pretty sure this was never there before

how can i get wifi back

pls help asap pls! i have attached a photo