Lapop 2nd Hdd not detected on bios

Danial - Aug 23, 2017 at 07:30 AM

I have. Toshiba c50-a545

I replaced my dvd Rw with hitachi hard drive using sata connecter
But my bios read only my hard ,,,
If i bootup to windows i can see the new hard on disk mangment with the linux partion
But on bios ican,t even see it to choose it for boot
I removed my hard drive and i connected the new hdd on my hdd place on the motherboard
And i can see it on bios and boot
I tried to connect my hard with sata connecter and the bioa did,r read it but i can see it on the linux file system after i boot

So what is the issus i can see the hard after booting but on bios i can,t ,,,

Sorry for bad english and thx