Audio not working when headphones are plugged in

polarbear2000 - Aug 25, 2017 at 10:57 PM
Hi, I have a 2-year old Dell XPS 13 laptop running windows 10. Everything has been working fine except for an audio problem that I have never been able to resolve for the past 2 years. Everytime I plug an audio device into the headphone jack sound will still come out via the in-built speakers. I would have to go to Device Manager and disable and re-enable the "Realtek HW Audio Codec" everytime to get the computer to play sounds through the headphones. Given that it is possible to play sound through the headphones, I am pretty certain this is a software issue rather than a hardware one. I have tried anything from reinstalling my device drivers to running the audio troubleshooter but nothing works. This machine has a built in Intel sound card. I have searched the web but have not been able to find any answers. If any of you have a similar problem, please tell me how you fixed it. Thanks!