Excel for Mac 15.37 copy row to another sheet

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Im sure this question has been asked before but I can see it anywhere, please accept my apologies if this has already been answered.

I have one workbook with multiple sheets.
the first sheet is the 'master' sheet where all the data about an item is stored and edited in a single row.
All the other sheets currently hold linked data which I manually pushed across with links so they can't be edited but auto populate with new information. it works fine however when a new entry (row) is created or needs to be removed (I.e. work complete), it does not automatically populate/depopulate the relevant sheet because it doesn't know how to look for it.
so I have created additional columns in the master sheet and added 1 or 0 for True/False for a particular action and I want the other 'action' sheets to examine their referenced column in the master sheet and pull the entire row across when the action cell data is true (i.e.=1) to populate the sheet. this way I only have to edit this cell and the other sheets will populate or remove a row automatically.
the reason a simple filter will not work is because there are multiple action columns (sheets) associated with each row and I want a sheet to be relevant to a particular maintenance department so it saves time filtering and everyone knows what work is outstanding in each department
What would also be nice if editing this column in any of the action sheets can remove the row from their sheet (for instance the work Is complete they change the action sheets 1 to a 0 in their action column and it disappears from their work order or if once they finish the next stage of work passes on to another department they write 1 in the other departments action column and change theirs to 0). I realise this would be much easier managed from the master sheet, but there are 1000's of entires in there and only a handful in the 'action' sheets so it will save time filtering the data.
any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Link to example file which explains what I am trying to do