Not receiving confirmation link email

Amyweller - Sep 12, 2017 at 04:40 AM

I forgot my Facebook password so I requested to reset it.
Only problem is the only email address Facebook gave me as an option to send the reset password link to was my primary one which I no longer have access to because I haven't used it in years. Normally when I want to reset my password Facebook gives me the option to send the code to my phone but this time it didn't.

So I said I didn't have access to the email given and Facebook asked me for a new one which then I created a new yahoo mail account and typed in that email address. I was then asked to reveal my trusted contacts on Facebook and get the security codes from them to prove my identity. I did that and was then given the option to change my password which I did.
After changing the password I was then told a confirmation link has been sent to my new email address and in order to access my Facebook account I must click on the link.

Problem is I am not recieveing said email. I've checked all filtered folders, spam junk etc. I've checked blocked sender list I've double checked that I entered the correct email address. I've done every thing. I've asked to resend the link numerous times. I've even gone through the whole reset procedure again about 3 times over the past month and still every single email address I've added has not received one confirmation link from Facebook. What can I do? I've tried and googled everything under the sun to contact Facebook and send report forms I've looked in the help forum. Nothing has helped me at all. I've submitted forms of I'D and been told I would be contacted with a response shortly that was 2 weeks ago! Facebook support is blady useless

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