How to edit contact in Hotmail?

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I have had a Hotmail account since 1994 - it used to be so simple!

I don't wish to synchronise my Hotmail contacts with any other contact list (professional email, gmail, Facebook etc.), and so have been avoiding all such options. I'm old school and prefer to keep things neatly compartmentalised.

I need to update my Hotmail contacts, and can see where/how to edit them. The issue rather, is that in many cases much of the information is greyed-out and cannot be updated or even removed (eg. old mobile numbers, incorrect home addresses, now redundant email addresses etc.).

For some contacts, birthdays have been automatically added which are non-sensical (1 Jan 1904 is common), but cannot be removed, only updated - what if I don't know the correct date - why should I even have to include this?

Why oh why can't my Hotmail contacts database be in my total control, and fully customisable by me?

It used to be so simple.