3D printer Head Watcher

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Hi, First post
I have a 3D printer that's in a cabinet with my webcam set up to one side of the base plate so I can monitor the print as they happen while watching my laptop screen.

That's OK, but some prints run for a day and I want to do other things besides sitting in front of a laptop all day.

I want to take a video of a print from start to finish and store that video on the laptop and then set the webcam to monitor the same print job in the future, so if there's a malfunction https://img-16.ccm2.net/fA37PIh8kGi_8nMxvtlBfKjmfCU=/ac7d216ea65f43ba90778b8e386901b4/ccm-ugc/rooster-malfunction-1.jpgwith the printhead the laptop switches off the printer and alerts me by text.

As the webcam watches the printhead and sees something different from the first video it triggers a response.

Something like "Web Watcher" where the software takes a snapshot of the whole website and then watches it for any changes and then sends a text to the web site owner alerting him to the change.

I'm sure the software is out there, but I don't know what its called. If anyone knows what I'm talking about can they please let me know.

Thanks a lot.