Headphone jack quit working

I've been having problems with the audio on my laptop for a couple of months. At first when it stopped playing, a reboot was necessary. then it would just come and go when it wanted. I Google'd and couldn't find a fix (other than replacing hardware). I tried my earbuds in the headphone jack and it was working fine...up until this minute. Tonight I noticed that my audio was back but the volume wasn't enough so I put my ear buds on. When connected, the audio was still coming from the computer--as if it didn't recognize the jack was being used. I Google'd and found this site.. Although I have headphones in the list of sound devices, the part where you can make it the default is greyed out. I went into properties and those options are greyed out too. HELP! UPDATE... I went into the control panel another way. The Device Manager allowed me to check for an updated driver but it said mine was up to date. It also said my device was working properly. I still can't find a way to make it the default. The only time that isn't greyed out is when I click on Speakers.