PC won't boot

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Built a windows PC about a year ago, worked great until we had to evacuate for hurricane Irma. Of course I took my rig with me, but when I got to a place I could plug her in, got nothing. Fans turn on, can hear the hard drive spin, but the monitor is blank and he keyboard doesn't light up.

Replaced the keyboard, figured that's the cheapest way. Didn't help.

Swapped ram. Didn't help. Running two sticks of 16g corsair 2133. Tried one slot, tied swapping them. Nothing

Had an old power supply from my old rig. That rig ran when it was put out to pasture. Installed it. Nothing. Put my CoolMaster 800w back in. Same ole same ole.

At this point I'm assuming it's my motherboard. Bought a ASUS B250H to replace the ASRock Z170 Pro4 that was in it. This seems to be the trick. It at least did more. Got to a BootMGR error.

After some reading sounds like a hard drive errror. Unplugged the hard drives (3) and started installing one at a time and booting. Except now I'm back to blank screen. The only difference is my keyboard is lighting up and the screen is turning on and off saying no signal when it's on.

Sure hope this is something silly I'm over looking. Any suggestions?

Side note: CPU heat sink stays cool.

Cool Master 800w PS
Inte I7 6700k
Corsair 2133 16g (2 sticks)
Evga GTX 1050ti