PC desktop won't boot up and monitor cannot detect hdmi

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I have this problema which makes nosense at all

When I turn the desktop PC on it turns on lights, beeps and fans but won't boot. I know cause the keyboard does not light up as it should.

So tried to bring it to some technician and he plugs it in to a monitor and the PC magically boot up without any issue. So the problem must be my new Asus monitor. I bring the monitor and they tell me that it does not detect any of the PC's they test it on.

So I ordered a new one but just out of curiosity I try to connect it to my PS4...and it works just fine! Wtf??

Tried another small TV monitor to my PC and it does not work too...

So the problem is my monitor or PC?? Already tried everything bout the ram, cleaning insides, fit all the parts, change the motherboard battery, even changed the cables.

Can someone tell me what is going on?