Toshiba Laptop blank screen

I've recently been given a Toshiba Laptop (Dad bought it a year ago and never used it so he gave it to me) as my old laptop was giving up on me, I have only had it for around two weeks but I've noticed that most times when booting it up it would not turn on until the second time I try. I didn't take that much of a notice to it, and thought that maybe it was because it wasn't shut down properly etc.

After these two weeks, more and more started to happen with it not turning on after 2-3 times, but most recently my laptop just refuses to turn on leaving a blank black screen with the orange light on.

I am beyond infuriated and annoyed about how new this laptop is, yet it's already playing up since. I think I've tried every key possible while holding the power button and nothing just seems to work.

At first it would turn on after possibly 10 tries, but each and every day after it would just become impossible to even try and get it on. Now I'm currently at the stage where it can't even pass the date and time settings as it just freezes and i am unable to use any keys whatsoever no matter how many different things I do.

I'm at a complete and utter loss on how to fix the laptop at this point, and I can't tell anyone about it yet because it would seem as if I ruined a "perfectly good laptop".

I haven't tried the battery removal method yet, however I only have an internal battery on this laptop as far as I'm aware.

Someone, please please please help me figure this out! Once I can at least get into the laptop then I will be able to reset it back to factory settings or do something like that.

Please check this link for photos of the laptop, at this point I'm stressed and unable to complete and of my work because of this faulty laptop and I am in desperate need for some miracle to happen.

Sorry for the wordy post, but please take your time to read and help me figure this out. :-(