Access point not detected and PS3 won't scan

Guest12321 - Oct 28, 2017 at 05:22 PM

This never ever ever happened before so you know like no controller problems or network problems at least not like this one. I had somone network problems like my dns was messed up of ip adress was failing but this ones new.

I woke up tried to play my ps3 and it would not connect like it was working perfect before but this just happened over night i tryed everything i usally tryed but nothing so i tryed factory reset still nothing now the weird part is it don't connect to nothing with internet. You know how you go to internet settings you can hit scan to find your wifi well i tryed that and my ps3 wont even scan it just says access point not detected their like no way around this that i can kind please help

One more thing on top of all of this my controller is also doing something strange randomly my controller is brand new no problems but it now only works then connected to ps3 with cord and if off of cord it wont even connect and sometimes it will but wont move or is super lagging it so strange its was working perfect not boom this just happened sorry this is so long its just odd anyone can help?

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