Create new sheets, scrape in data, then create summary sheet

Hello Everyone, hope you are all well.

I am trying to create a database to manage reviews of research papers for a project I am working on. Any help would be much appreciated as the records are a real mess at the moment and I need to make sense of it all!

There is an index of the papers to be reviewed. In this sheet the data is in columns A-G: things like ID, author, year, journal name, etc.

I want to use the ID number in column A to create a new sheet for every study and name it the ID number (will have to do this over sixty times if by hand).

Then I want to apply a blank template, which is sat in another sheet in the workbook, to all of the newly created sheets.

Then, I want to scrape the basic info from columns A-G on the master sheet for that study into the newly created sheet, but not all in one line, different cells of info will need to be scraped to different cells in the newly set up sheet, in order to fit with the template.

THEN (!) Once a reviewer has done their work and filled in the empty boxes on the individual template sheet for each study, I want that information to be scraped into a final summary sheet, where the data for each individual study/sheet is represented on one row of a big summary sheet.

Any help would be much appreciated - I've seen some code for scraping a whole row into another sheet which has already been set up, but don't know how to automatically create new sheets and name them, and how to send different cells of data to different locations on the new sheet.

Many many thanks in advance!


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