Dell Inspiron 1420 power on problem

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Sunday November 12, 2017
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November 12, 2017
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I have googled in this and many sites, but still doesn't find the problem. My computer is a Dell Inspiron 1420 and when I try to power on it doesn't start. At first the problem was that the charger stopped to function, the green LED doesn't light up. I have used another charger but this other charger was not a Dell charger. I have changed the round connector of the dell charger and used in the other charger. both chargers were 19 volt and about 3.4 amps, so I thought there is no problem, but the Dell chargers have one central pin that I understand is the positive. the negative pole is the inside barrel of the connector and the shield is the outer side of the barrel of the connector. The other charger has only positive and negative lines. When I connected the charger to the computer I could see the battery lighting up when the computer is ok, but this time I saw no lights lit. only a orange light in th battery blinks when power on button pressed.
I thought the problem is the charger because had no shield.

Then I have tried to repair the Dell charger and had luck because the green light finally came again. I have replaced the connector in the charger and tried the computer again. But no luck. the lights went on when pressed the on button in the laptop: first the power lit, then the bluetooth led, then the power led went on but no more the lights went on. the display remained black and the bluetooth and the power led went out the last led that went out was the battery led. But the computer doesn't started. A orange led blinks in the battery, telling that the battery has no charge.

Then I bought a new charger and tried to power on the computer. When the charger was connected and the power button but was not pressed the battery led went blue blinking. The computer doesn't started, so I let the battery charging. After some hours I tried the power button and the computer still doesn't start.

I asked and somebody told me that I should take out the battery and I have done so:
disconect the power
retire the battery
let the battery some minutes out
connect the power without the battery
disconnect the power again
install the battery again
connect the power

Then the computer started and worked well for two days. But one day ago the computer stops to work. Simply doesn't starts. I have tried the battery trick but it has not functioned.
I have disassembled the computer and checked the connections and after that I have tried many tricks, but nothing helps. The only change is that the bluetooth doesnt ligths also, but this is not so important because I almost don't use the bluetooth.

Any help is welcommed.