How to Copy Formatted Text Data over excel rows

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I need help with the following

I have Git formatted patches data in the Text file.(and there are N number of patches), which I need to copy to Excel in a Row such that Each Patch details should come into one cell.
(Manually We do it by pressing F2 and then paste, that way it also maintains the internal formatting )
I need to do it by means of Macro, since there are large numbers of patches.

Here is the quick Algorithm that I need to implement in the Excel Macro.
; Here ### is the Delimiter(seperater) for Each Patch Data.


Open text file;
Open eXcel sheet;

Copy Data till ### from text file;
press F2 in excel sheet ;
Paste Data(Maintaining internal formatting which can include special Characters, commas, Tabs,# signs);
move to next cell(next row);
Delete the copied Data and ### from Text file and repeat the loop ;

It would be of great help if you could help me with the same.