Stuck in Black screen safe mode...

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Hi, I hope somebody can help. My Dell laptop suddenly crashed and will now only start up with the logo and then a black screen. I managed to get it to restart in safe mode but that is also only a black screen, nothing else, and I can't get out of safe mode again. If I restart and hold down f2 I get 'Phoenix secure core technology setup' but I can't get to the bios to turn off safe mode. Anybody got any suggestions how to fix this would be most appreciated.

OS: Windows 10

and the laptop is -

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series 7537 BTX Base Laptop, Intel Core i7, 15.6" LED Touch Display, 16GB Dual Channel DDR RAM

OK, pressing f12 at startup I managed to get in to the pre boot system assessment and run it. It passed all tests with no errors! I have managed to get out of safe mode though and am now stuck with a flashing black to white screen and the pointer at startup!

Now pressing f6 has given me the recovery screen with the error code 0xc0000001. It only stays on for a minute or so and then the machine automatically closes down