Toshiba Satelite has power but complete black screen

Adampoltorak89 - Updated on Jan 8, 2018 at 06:42 AM
Last night a did a windows10 update for past night til. Now all had was a red loading screen. I’ve tried restarting the computer by holding power button for 5 sec 3x’s until now it always should toshiba loading screen then went to black screen for a sec and then to a red loading screen. It be on that screen for hours, I am able to see the mouse and move it and point the screen wouldn’t go off as it wasnt being used! But all see the power lights on and the screen black...

I have just able to try to do a reset of the laptop but after 30-40 minutes screen comes up saying unable to reset files, then few minutes later got the choice to start windows10 chose that and start to checking or restore the cd drive and yet after about 20-30 minutes laptop acts like it’s restarting tishiba loading screen shows and then I get the red loading screen again!!! WHY!!!!!