Allow Inserting Hyperlink after Protecting a Sheet with VBA

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I have a spreadsheet which a user must complete, but he must select how many times the form must get created.
My coding allows that, but I'm protecting my sheet.
My coding below allows everything that I want, BUT after Protecting, the user can't insert a Hyperlink. The option is Greyed out, even if I protect it with that option.

Here is my coding:
Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
ActiveSheet.Unprotect Password:="APTemplate"
Dim rws As Long
Dim xCount As Integer
n = Sheets("DataEntry").Range("c7")

With Range("A8:Q14")
rws = .Rows.Count + 1
.Resize(rws).Copy Destination:=.Offset(rws).Resize(rws * (n - 1))
End With
ActiveSheet.Protect Password:="APTemplate"
End Sub

Please assist me.