Seagate Goflex Home external hard drive [Closed]

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Saturday January 13, 2018
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January 13, 2018
Looking for someone to tell me what I am missing. I have a 2TB, goflex home external hard-drive, connected to my router. I have a computer in another part of the house, connected to this hard-drive by way of Wifi. I am able to move files back and forth. The issue comes with trying to see the drive from my ipad or iPhone. I have downloaded the goflex access app, which the reviews say is crap. The problem lies in that my desktop sees the hard-drive as online, but the apple products do not. I have tried to connect them by typing in the server address and doing it that way, in the browser. Same thing happens. I want to be able to stream. At one point, I could. Long time back on a different I0S. Now, can't seem to connect. Thanks in advance. And yes, I have spent hours on the net and looking at documentation, trying to figure this out.