Creation of Workbook from two different excel workbook

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Hi Guys.

I am working on creating a vba script (& i am not great at it, to be honest below average)to create multiple Excel Workbook based to two different excel sheets. The first excel sheet is used to name the excel workbook and the second excel is used to format the created workbook. I hope I am able to clearly pen down my thoughts. let me give an example

I have a Excel Workbook "A"
with two coloumns
Column A with multiple rows of Name of Customers & Age and Column B with their ages viz.,

Column A Column B
John 24
Mark 35
Arnold 45

and so on.....

Excel Workbook "B" has a particular format with boxes and colours

I want to run a vba script that takes number of rows (dynamic & not static) from excel "A" and creates excel workbook based on the entries on Column A and names each work book a combination of Column A & B, i.e., First excel workbook to be saved is by the Name "John 24.xls" with format copied from excel workbook "B" and so on

Thanks in Advance

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