Proforma invoice generator from list question

oleksijm 1 Posts Sunday January 14, 2018Registration date January 14, 2018 Last seen - Jan 14, 2018 at 10:42 AM
Hello everyone,

My question is as follows:

I need a quick way to generate proforma invoices (with an existing template) in large numbers for seminar attendance (price is on a per attendee basis) to clients from an attendance list. The proforma info cells include: date of proforma preparation, name of employee responsible, client code, engagement code, client name, client address, client contact person's name, description of services and the value of services, which is basically a set price times the number of attendees per client, which ideally should be calculated by the same macro. It should then generate the n number of proformas filled in each proforma for each client with the abovementioned respective data from a list and save them in a given folder.

In a nutshell, the macro should:

1. Fetch number of info rows from a list
2. Generate that number of proformas
3. Paste all the required data into each proforma file as per list
4. Save each proforma file with a unique name in a specified location.

I have zero macros background (shame on me) and this looks quite complex given the number of operations involved.

Any help is greatly appreciated since such a solution would save me a lot of time..



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