Computer only boots to the black Gateway screen [Closed]

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Thursday January 25, 2018
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January 25, 2018
We have a Desktop Gateway DX4860.
It was not updating properly and getting hung at 82% and would not go any further.
Rebooting and safe mode was not working.
We called Windows and they updated to the new MaCafee and said it should work.

2 days later now the computer only boots to the black Gateway screen with " Press <Del> to enter setup, <F12> Display Boot Menu".

I have been sitting here for long periods of time trying to figure out why I cant get to either menus. Turns out that the keyboard and mouse are not powering up (USB). I have tried them on the other computer and they work just fine. There are 10 USB slots on the desktop and none of them are powering the devices up.

Looking for a way around the issues in no particular order.
Thanks for helpful comments.