LG 60 inch Smart TV red light flashing

mgrice Posts 1 Registration date Friday February 2, 2018 Status Member Last seen February 2, 2018 - Updated on Feb 2, 2018 at 04:26 AM
I have an LG 60 SL 5750 TV smart TV. It was given to me by my sister used. She got rid of it because it had little pin stripes going down the screen which you could barely see and didn't bother me. I tried to plug my android into it to watch downloads I think I tried all of the three ports. After I turn it off because it didn't work it will not turn back on red light flashing kind of weird even when I kill the power red light is still on. I left it off for a while and it came back on once but then gone again and now I cannot get it to come back on. No visual no audio just the red light flashing. I have been researching in the best I've seen that I need to replace the capacitors on the power board or get a new power board. Will this fix the problem and where is the cheapest place to get one that actually work? And I would like a diagram of where this thing is on my TV. I am determined to fix it somebody please help