IF statement and adding Military Time Question [Closed]

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Tuesday March 6, 2018
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March 7, 2018

I am trying to add time inside an IF statement, but I cannot get the time to show correctly when adding more than 30 mins.

Here is my formula....

If cell F21 is a 1 then I want it to add 4hrs to C21,
if Cell F21 is a 2, then add 8 hrs and 15 mins to cell C21,
if Cell F21 is a 3, then add 12 hrs and 30 mins to C21,
if F21 is a 4 then add 16 hrs and 45 mins to C21,
if F21 is a 5 then add 21 hrs to C21.

In my example, C21 is 0630 and all works fine until F21 is a 3 and I need to add 16 hrs and 45 mins to 0630, it comes out as 1860 instead of 1900 (Military for 7pm). I also have the problem that if it goes past midnight it gives me 2730 instead of 0330.

Can you help?

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