Bitcoin Causes Graphics Card Sales Crash

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What if the bitcoin key is in a wallet that is on a USB that gets stolen? That is taken from you without your consent! These people are online and have no idea of what their Gmail password is, that is linked to a PAYPAL account, do you think they will really take into consideration to BACK up their wallet????
Sorry, #Bitcoin is not a bubble anymore than television, cars, the internet, aircraft or computers are. It is a revolution that introduces proven security without centralization.

It is the only asset that you can own which no one can take away from you. You must choose to give someone bitcoin, which grants individuals power and rights. The only analogy to bitcoin is your love for another, which cannot be taken even in death and is the basis of much of what matters in life.

Because of this, it is the most valuable asset in the world and the price has not taken this into account yet.

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