No signal to monitor then no sound? - mobo issue?

RAFFY - Jun 9, 2018 at 10:36 AM
Hey all,

Around xmas time I turned my PC on after getting back to uni and was met with 'no signal' on my monitor. PC booted fine and all fans turned etc. I tried different HDMI's but nothing worked. Then, after turning the computer on and off a LOT during the next three days it randomly started working. Came up with some sort of emergency boot page that seems to have removed apps like steam, microsoft office and spotify etc but not removed photos etc.
I thought all was well and good but then I realised there was no sound from either the front or the back ports. I got a really quiet clicking in my headphones but absolutely nothing else. tried with speakers and different headphones, I updated drivers as best as I could (im not massively techy) and still nothing. Then I got the no signal issue on the monitor again. I've only just got the monitor issue working again (no idea how it just randomly worked one day) but i'm still not getting any sound.

Is this a motherboard issue or am I just being dim?

Any help will be appreciated!