Monitor goes black?

xguba01x - Updated on Jul 21, 2018 at 04:40 PM
Hi, I was on vacation with my family for a week, and everything worked perfectly before it. I plugged out the pc from the connector, didn't turn off the psu. Got home, plugged in the pc to the connector and booted the pc. After half a second of displaying the image, it just goes black. My monitors an Acer G245H.
When I try turning the monitor off and back the screen appears for half a second.
I've tried flipping the psu off and on again, restarted about 5 times but nothings working so far. Any ideas?

Update: Tried it with my sisters old monitor and it works perfectly, so the other monitor mightve died. The thing I don't understand is that it hasn't been used for a week. It legit slept so how the hell could it die?? It had no problems before