Need macro copy info and save as new file

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August 2, 2018
Hello everybody!
I have 2 workbooks: Timesheet (T), FTE report (F)
All would be starting on second row, as I have a header row on the F spreadsheet:
I am trying to copy column "B" (name) from F to the cell "B1" on T. Column "W" on F to cell "B2" on T.
Column "D" (F) in cell "B3" (T), column "T & S" Concat with a "-" in the middle from F to the cell "B4" on T. Column "X" from F to cell "B5" on T and Column "Y" from F to "B6" on T.
This should be fairly easy but now to the harder part:
Some of the values in column "B" on F will be repeats, which will have different values in column "G" and column "I".
I want excel to use the value of column "G" from F to be entered into "B10" on T, and if it's less than 100 to continue to copy the next row until the value in B (name) changes.
(If the value in G is less than 100, which stands for %, then there will be more rows with the same value on it to get to 100. While this is not complicated enough I also would like for excel to take the corresponding value (same row) to be copied from "I" on F to T to "A10" until B on F changes names. Once this is all complete and the name changes I want excel to save the workbook as a new file as the name that is in cell "B1."
After that I want the whole process to repeat, until the first cell in column B on F which is empty.
Anybody who has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it!!!

Example of FTE report: (na = not applicable)

A/ B/ C/ D/ E/ F/ G/ H/ I/ J-R/ S/ T/ U/ V/ W/ X /Y

Example of Timesheet
Column A / Column B
1 Employee name / info from F column "B"
2 Employee ID / info from F column "W"
3 Hours per week / info from F column "D"
4 Organization # & name (this is the concat row with a dash in the middle)/info from F column T-S
5 Supervisor / info from F column "X"
6 Timekeeper / info from F column "Y"
several rows down:
10 info from F column "I" / info from F column "G"

continue behavior for row 11 - 17, if the name in column B on F is the same
when name changes save as a new workbook with file name as the same as in "B1" on T.
Repeat until column "B" on F runs out of names.

Last note: it will have to be a long macro, as there are approx 10K lines in the FTE report.

I hope I am explaining this well enough, please ask if you have any questions.

Thank you!