I can't log inUnusual Login Activity - Please Revi


Unusual Login Activity - Please Review
Someone attempted to log into your Facebook account from a computer, mobile device or another location we didn't recognize.
(I am not very often on facebook< so I think someone stole it long ago!)

i'd like to inform all my facebook acount been hacked changed my phone number they put there phone number i've got my password when I go to tru the Q I pass all but there a phone number which not belong to me the code it's going to that phone numberi really confused what to do to get my account to remove that phone number please can anyone help me? thanks for your help
Do not give me the link where they will ask again for my old phone number which I do not have... How can I do this through email? - this is all I have left I think. And I changed password again just in case...
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